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Reading Makes You A Better Writer

It is safe to assume that no writer ever achieved success without having first been a voracious reader. It’s primarily through reading that we learn how to write. Not only is reading the published work of other writers the only way to figure out the kinds of stories that you yourself want to tell, but through reading you’ll find examples of how to do it well.

Read widely—everything from Shakespeare and the classics to contemporary online flash fiction. And of course you’ll need to pay special attention to stories in your chosen genre—ghost stories if you’re a ghost story writer, horror stories if you’re trying to walk in the footsteps of Stephen King, and fantasy if you’re hoping to emulate the authors of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series. As for “literary” fiction: you’ll need to give yourself a thorough course in the classics as well as reading as many of the acclaimed contemporary authors as you can.

Ghost- and horror story writers can start their reading odyssey right here on The Ghost Story website. We’ve assembled a sampling of some of the finest, most ground-breaking work in these genres, starting in the late 18th century and moving forward to contemporary times. We hope you enjoy these exemplary works of fiction.

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