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Ghost In An Old Truck. Photo: Gingerpig2000

Polish Ghost In An Old, Polish Truck. Image: Trevor Butcher

Finding And Sharing Photos And Videos Of Ghosts

All my life, I’ve been hoping to see one clear, unambiguous photo of an actual ghost—definitive proof that disembodied spirits actually exist. I’m still waiting, but I continue to hope. The image above, by the way, is a composite work created by an artist in Poland who makes no claims for its ghostly veracity.

Of course, I’ve seen plenty of purported ghost photos. Some were laughably obvious hoaxes; others were earnest attempts by honest ghost hunters to capture an image of what they were certain was an authentic spook. And while some of the latter were intriguing, and clearly deserved a level of further scientific scrutiny I wasn’t qualified to give them, there’s been nothing to convince me beyond a ghostly shadow of a doubt.

Still, I keep looking. And I’m never disappointed because, not only do I hold my expectations reasonably low, but I find ghost photos and haunted-house videos to be entertaining—a great deal of fun, in fact—regardless of whether I think they’re completely credible.

It is in this spirit of fun and entertainment that a colorful website called GhostStudy collects and displays ghost photos and videos taken by serious ghost hunters and startled amateurs alike. One of the Web’s most prominent curators of paranormal material, GhostStudy posts contributors’ images, each accompanied by a brief summary, in the website’s Ghost Photo Gallery—and they generally do this without spoiling the fun through an attempt either to verify or debunk them. You, the viewer, get to study the ghosts and decide for yourself.

GhostStudy does, however, draw the line at “orb” photos, which site administrators say they rarely publish unless they are “extremely unusual.” It’s a good call, because I have to agree that balls of light are boring. . . .

A couple of my current favorites among GhostStudy gallery photos are Ghost In Burning House!, which I find extremely interesting, and the “slightly light-enhanced” Guardian Spirit at Chillingham Castle. I’m sure you’ll find your own favorites—both to wonder at, and to chuckle over.

GhostStudy also runs a lively member forum for people like us, who love discussing and debating ghostly matters.

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