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For A Signed Copy . . .

My new haunted novel, American Ghost, is available in most of the usual online places—and even, perhaps, in your local bookstore. For a good description of the book combined with a professional, objective review, check out what Sam Reader at Barnes & Noble thought about American Ghost. And Keep scrolling through this post for my publisher’s “official” description as well as some comments from other writers.

A few Ghost Story readers have asked about signed copies (thank you!), so I’ve set up an easy way to order one. Step one is to click on the Paypal button below to pay for it. It’s a quick process with a credit card, and $20 covers the cost of the hardcover book, plus shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. (Sorry, overseas friends—postage for you folks is prohibitive. But Amazon will work for an unsigned copy. . . .)

Step two is to shoot me a quick e-mail at Editor@TheGhostStory.com and tell me how you’d like me to inscribe your book: Your name, or your friend’s, perhaps a brief message . . . If you just want my signature, however, then you can skip the e-mail part. I’ll just sign, and send.

As for the publisher’s description, which you’ll also find on the book jacket:

“An inventive metafictional novel, in which a drug-dealing biker must solve his own murder from beyond the grave.

“Thumb Rivera is in a bind. A college dropout, aspiring writer, smalltime marijuana grower, and biker club hang-around, Thumb finds himself confined to his rural ranch house in the desolate Maine countryside, helpless to do anything but watch as his former friends and housemates scheme behind his back, conspire to steal his girlfriend, and make inroads with the Blood Eagles, a dangerous biker gang.

“Thumb is also dead.

“A ghost forced to haunt his survivors and reflect back on the circumstances that led to his unsolved murder, Thumb discovers he has one channel through which he can communicate with the living world: Ben, an unemployed ghost hunter. Ben soon convinces local curmudgeon Fred Muttkowski, failed novelist turned pig farmer, to turn Ben’s Ouija-board conversations with Thumb into an actual book.

“Thumb has two things on his mind: To solve, and then avenge, the mystery of his own violent death, and also to tell his story. That story is American Ghost—as told to Ben, then fictionalized by Fred. It’s at once a clever tale of the afterlife, a poignant examination of the ephemeral nature of life, and a celebration of writing and the written word.”

And finally, the opinions of some of my writer friends:

Thanks. If American Ghost sounds like your kind of read, I look forward to hearing from you. . . .

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