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“Kikimora” by Andy Paciorek

New: Custom Illustrations For the Winning Stories!

We will begin accepting submissions to The Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award competition in just a few days, on August 7. You’ll find our complete contest guidelines and submission instructions on the contest page. You might also want to read our previous winners.

Once again, we’re offering a cash award of $1,000 to the author of the winning story, and additional cash awards of $250 and $100 for Honorable mention and Second Honorable Mention, respectively. We’ll also publish all three stories on Halloween, right here on The Ghost Story Website.

But that’s not all. While wonderful illustrations have accompanied the work of our previous winning and honorable mention writers, the art was always selected from artists’ portfolios, and not inspired specifically by the individual stories. However, starting with the fall 2017 competition, we’re making an exciting change.

We are delighted to announce that from now on, our published stories will be custom-illustrated. For the upcoming competition, renowned British artist Andy Paciorek will read each of the three winning pieces, turn it over for a time in his uncanny, folk-horror imagination, and then create a custom work that individually expresses it. We can’t wait to see the result.

In addition to being an illustrator, Andy is the founder of the U.K.-based publishing company, Wyrd Harvest Press, and creator of the wildly popular Facebook group, Folk Horror Revival. To view more of Andy’s work, visit his personal Facebook page.

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