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Tell your own ghost story

Ghost Corridor. Photo: Otello Amaducci

Seen A Ghost? Who You Gonna Call?

So, you’ve seen a ghost—you’re sure of it. And you’re dying to talk about it, but you’re afraid people will just laugh. Worse, they might think you’re off your rocker. How can you get someone to just listen?

Fortunately, as with so many things, the internet holds the answer. The popular website Your Ghost Stories really wants to hear about your real-life interactions with spooks. Right at the top of their home page you’ll find the following friendly invitation:

Your Ghost Stories is a place where you can find all kinds of resources regarding real ghosts and true hauntings cases, but more importantly, it is a site for publishing, sharing and reading real ghosts experiences from real people like you. It has come to our attention that many people have had this kind of unexplained experiences, and it makes for wonderful readings, maybe at times disturbing, but most often, leaving you wondering what is happening on the other side of material life and our physical senses.”

Last time we checked, the website had complied well over 14,000 of their readers’ paranormal experiences, along with the comments of other readers who enjoyed or were intrigued by the accounts, or had had similar experiences—or both.

The site’s real-life ghost stories can be searched in “alphabetical order, in chronological order (based on date of submission), by topical categories or respective countries (for stories in the US, you can even check by States).” That means that your ghost story—unlike that actual ghost that inspired it—won’t just vanish; it’ll be around and accessible to everyone for a long time.

Your Ghost Stories also offers famous ghost stories as well as a lot of useful information on ghost hunting, communication with spirits, and general parapsychology. Overall, it’s an entertaining and informative site—and they will give you an audience.

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